"Seeing Dr. Christine mekes me happy because she is a gentle person.  She makes me feel better when she makes my neck sound like popcorn"   -Piper age 5

"I see Dr. Christine for chronic back pain, but have found an added benefit to my care with her.  My family suffers from several digestive issues, and I inherited pretty much all of them.  After my first session with her, I noticed that my digestion was better, and have found as I had more sessions, my digestion kept getting better.  I am amazed at how encompassing chiropractic care can be, and would never have guessed that it could nearly eliminate such an issue.  Because of Dr. Christine, chiropractic adjustments have become an important part of my and my family's well-being.  I am very grateful that she is part of my family wellness plan."                    -Jud F.

"Dr. Christine makes me happy because she helps my body feel better.  I like her because she is gentle and kind."        -Ryder age 61/2


"THANK YOU DR. CHRISTINE!  I thought I could tough out the sudden back pain I started experiencing, but when I could barely bend over, I called my friend to get the name of the chiropractor she had been raving about.  It's my turn to rave!  After my first adjustment, I was at least 85% back to normal.  I was pain free after my second adjustment.  Obviously I was thrilled, but that's not what impressed me the most about Family First Chiropractic.  What impressed me was the gentleness of the care and the education I have received. For as much chiropractic care as I have received in the past, I just thought it was a means to help me with my back pain.  Dr. Christine carefully scanned my spine during my initial evaluation and explained how the nerves of the spine connect to all of the body's organs.  The other area that I am so impressed with is how Dr. Christine promotes a holistic outlook on her patient's health.  Lastly, I must comlpiment the atmosphere of the office in general.  It is so relaxing and welcoming to both adults and children.   Family First Chiropractic really has a special healing energy."    -Regina S.


"Our son has had chronic sinusitis since the age of 11 months.  He has had one surgery and has been on countless medications.  It never occurred to us that his spine being out of alignment could interfere with his immune system.  For our son it has meant being frequently sick and missing out on all the things that little boys do...that is until now.  While he still has these issues, the chiropractic treatments have reduced the intensity and suration of these episodes.  Thanks to Dr. Christine, we have been afforded the opportunity to address our son's chronic health issues and have discovered the wellness benefits fo chiropractic care."           -Justin and Amy F.

  "Dr. Christine, you gave me the energy I did not have.  You wiped my tears and hugged me when I needed it most.  Your chiropractic touch opened doors to wanting more children and now I have 3 beautiful little girls.  You have changed our lives forever, and I do not know where or who I would be without you.  I love you for being there when I was in labor, for giving Ellie a calmness that I thought was unsustainable before chiro care, for toggling me when I couldn't turn my head, for releasing muscles so that I could nurse my babies without pain.  You removed the need for antidepressants and you have given me such knowledge about health.  I now have the resources to be the best Mom I can be.  I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART."    -Sonya B.

"Last April I was in severe pain and had limited mobility.  I could not stand from a sitting position without assistance, nor could I put weight on my right leg or I would get a shooting pain into my thight, hip and lower back.  Prior to my first visit with Dr. Christine, I tried conventional medicine, an MRI, neurology, a bone scan, an evaluation from the Spine Institute, three mega doses of steroids, and another chiropractor for 2 years.  There was nothing that could be done except the suggestion to take something for the pain. I have MS and it has done some neurological damage to my right leg, however this was not MS pain I experienced

 I was evaluated by Dr. Christine in April of 2004 and followed her recommended care plan.  After only a few visits, I began to notice improvement.  Slowly the pain started to subside and then my mobility increased.  Dr. Christine's adjustments were not painful at all.  Her technique is gentle and comforting.  Less than a year later I am not only relatively pain free, but have far exceeded my hopes for mobility.  I have returned to work and I am a lot happier thanks to the care I received at Family First Chiropractic."            -Beverly G.