Dr. Angelo's Weekly Wellness Message

The Greater Good

Posted: November 2, 2011
By: Dr Angelo Marinakis

Earlier this week I viewed  "The Greater Good," an award winning documentary on the safety and administration of vaccines. This is a very hot topic that produces strong opinions and emotions. Based on my own observations, the following reasons are consistently presented as to why we should collectively submit to vaccines:

  • Vaccines are safe because the producers conduct adequate safety testing and because the FDA will only approve a drug for public use if it is safe.
  • Vaccines are effective and are the primary reason why diseases like polio, measles and smallpox are no longer a threat to public health.
  • Any risk associated with receiving vaccines is outweighed by the collective good that vaccines provide to public health.
  • There is no scientific evidence linking vaccines to subsequent neurologocal complications / conditions.

My question is, are these suppositions accurate representations of reality? Are there economic and political forces driving the promotion of these ideas and suppressing information that brings the safety and efficacy of modern vaccination protocols into question? Furthermore, if the suppression of this information results in human lives being irreperably damaged, why are we turning a blind eye? It is curiously reminiscent of a time when it was believed that smoking was actually healthy. In the 1920's, endurance athletes used to smoke because they thought that it somehow increased lung capacity. Over time, the indefensible position that "there is no evidence that smoking causes cancer / heart disease etc" became recognized as the tobacco industry trying to protect its market share. As the casualties from vaccine reactions continue to increase, it is increasingly difficult to swallow big pharma's position that there is no eveidence linking vaccines to a host of chronic autoimmune and/or neurological disorders.

I have attached a link to "The Greater Good." Anyone who is interested in making informed health care choices needs to watch this film.